World’s first ultra-fast, mobile EV-charging service entering Spanish market

World’s first ultra-fast, mobile EV-charging service entering Spanish market

On November 21, EV-charger manufacturer, L-Charge, announced the start of the commercial operation of its ultra-fast, mobile EV-charging service in Madrid, during an official presentation.

“Our company’s EV charging solutions remove the main issue faced by EV-owners in Spain – namely, the lack of Ultra-Rapid EV-Charging (150kWh+) infrastructure in key locations such as leisure facilities, hospitality hubs, retail centres, car parks, vehicle rental and fleet management companies, where grid capacity and connectivity can be a major concern for consumers and business owners alike. However, this is no longer a problem, thanks to our off-grid, ultra-rapid EV-charging technology!”, said Andrew Parker, Vice-President of Business Development at L-Charge.

L-Charge is a global company that develops and produces unique multifuel, off-grid EV charge points that are powered by LNG, hydrogen, or a mixture of both. Their mobile charging van incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be summoned when needed via the app, in the same manner as a taxi. It is also possible to book and assign the mobile charging van to a convenient location. The mobile charging van provides super-fast charging – from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

“L-Charge has already met with major Spanish companies on logistics, public transportation, and transport services. It’s fair to say that L-Charge’s solution has found great support and interest among the market players. Keeping this in mind, we decided to invest an extra 5 million euros, to accelerate the development of our charging infrastructure in the city of Madrid”, Mr. Parker added.

Spain sits last in Europe for the number of EV charge points per capita, with only 245 per million inhabitants. Of these, according to, 83% are slow chargers (less than 22 kW), which equates to an average charge time of three hours in most electric vehicles on the market today.

“Spanish EV users are struggling with the same problem as their counterparts in other countries – the majority of EV-charging points are slow and are rarely found in remote areas. Taking these obstacles into consideration, the EV-charging infrastructure is in need for off-grid, ultra-rapid EV-charging solutions, which will still use clean fuels and will help to facilitate the transition to hydrogen.”, said Andrew Parker.

The company started to call for future partners and customers to join the service a week before the launch. From November 14 to 21, L-Charge ran a promotional campaign, while charging EVs with a reduced price of only 10 euros to charge up to 80%.

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