Engagement ring styles you should ‘avoid’ in 2023, from a jewellery expert

Engagement ring styles you should ‘avoid’ in 2023, from a jewellery expert

Once upon a time, every girl dreamed of a cushion-cut diamond halo engagement ring on a silver band which had the sole purpose of being the sparkliest and blingiest engagement ring in their friendship group.

But with social media users outing this style of ring as ‘cheugy’, jewellery expert Claire Beatson from independent and ethical jeweller Nightingale has revealed which engagement ring styles will be officially ‘out-of-fashion’ in 2023, and which styles she expects to take off in the New Year.

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1. What’s out: Colourless diamonds

We have always been told that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but as conversations around sustainability reach fever pitch, there’s no better time than to ditch the diamond and go for something a little different with a traceable history.

Claire reveals: “Surprisingly diamonds are out – or at least the classic mined round brilliant colourless diamond – with more options than ever for more sustainable ‘white’ stones like lab grown diamonds, opting for a mined colourless diamond seems to be a little too boomer!”

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What’s in: Coloured gemstones

Coloured gemstones are perfect for couples who are looking for something rare and eye-catching and we’re looking forward to seeing unique colour pairings going into 2023.

Claire says: “Another persevering trend is going bold with colour. 2023 seems to be the year for all things green so expect emeralds to be a popular choice but also green sapphires, peridots and tourmalines to be main features a la Jennifer Lopez style.”

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2. What’s out: White gold bands

With the cost of living crisis tightening all of our purse strings, finding an engagement ring that gives you good value for money is paramount to any soon-to-be fiance.

Claire explains: “With the cost of palladium (the metal that’s mixed with gold to make it white) being higher than ever this comparatively soft metal that needs re-rhodium plated every year or so, the price just doesn’t add up.”

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What’s in: Rose gold

Favoured by the likes of Blake Lively and Emma Roberts, stay within the ‘unique’ trend, go for a wedding band that is neither gold nor silver with rose gold.

Claire reveals: “After nearly a decade of rose gold being considered ‘basic’ along with a pumpkin spiced lattes and UGG boots it is back on trend. With the resurgence of classic yellow gold over the last few years being a little too bold for some tastes, rose gold offers a softer, more romantic hue that’s modern and will pair beautifully with the green gemstone trend.”

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3. What’s out: Pavé details

Pavé stones are typically associated with rings that bear a lot of bling. Due to their ostentatious style they can need regular maintenance and can interfere with your wedding band.

Claire reveals: “These are very small diamonds usually set under the main stone, these can be called hidden halo or under-bezel. The issue with these is they are very likely to knock against a wedding ring in the future and due to the fact the claws holding them are so delicate they’re likely to fall out.”

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What’s in: Modern Vintage

Rings with a vintage feel are on the rise again, with art deco inspired designs seen on the likes of Beyoncé, Princess Beatrice and Scarlett Johanssen.

Claire explains: “Recent engagement ring designs are definitely drawing inspiration from Art Deco and Edwardian styles but have been modernised to look less chunky with cleaner lines and an altogether more 2020s rather than 1920s feel.”

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4. What’s out: Tension set stones

As the name suggests, tension set stones are all about showcasing the main gemstone in a modern, mirage-esque way. However, bridal trends have been warming towards more flowing and natural styles in recent years.

Claire explains: “As the name might suggest this is where the gemstones are set in a ring using tension alone. Generally two pieces of metal are shaped on either side of the gemstone to create this ‘floating’ style. No claws at all hold the gemstone in place. As you can imagine one knock or catch and the tension element fails popping the gemstone out. This type of setting also creates a static and solitary look, which has arguably had its day.”

Source: Nightingale

What’s in: Toi et Moi

The Toi et Moi trend has taken the celebrity engagement ring sector by storm this year, mostly because of Megan Fox’s diamond and emerald sparkler. Symbolising two separate entities coming together, this asymmetric design is all about romance and equality, something we all need a little bit more of this 2023.

Claire says: “Another celeb favourite, the Toi et Moi, is definitely still predicted to be en vogue in the new year but this will take on a new twist; literally. The popularity of more organic, flowing and twisted designs that are naturally asymmetric in nature is going to be the focus.”

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5. What’s out: Round cut

The last thing you want is a ring to look like everybody else’s… Whilst the round cut is considered classic for a reason, it doesn’t always showcase a couple’s individual personality or style, and in 2023 we’re all about standing out.

Claire reveals: “The round cut is a traditional, classic, and standard while the oval cut, while still being a classic, is more unique. The round brilliant has been an engagement favourite for years, due to its ability to cover imperfections and its sparkle, however, we think it’s time for the round cut to make way for more unique designs.”

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