Regions with the highest penalty points

Regions with the highest penalty points

Experts have revealed the areas in the UK with the highest number of penalty points.

With over four in five motorists having witnessed dangerous driving on the roads, analysts from have researched where in the UK the worst drivers are.

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They ranked each region for penalty points against their volume of drivers.

Yorkshire topped the list, showing 7.8% of drivers with penalty points.

Closely followed by South West England and East Midlands with 6.3% and 6.2% of drivers with penalty points respectively.

Regional proportion of drivers with penalty points
South West England
East Midlands
North East England
North West England
East of England
South East England
West Midlands

Penalty points are a key indicator of a driver’s ability and behaviour, with points added to the licence if they commit an offence such as running a red light, speeding or using a mobile while driving.

In a Quotezone survey, 97% of the 1,000 people surveyed felt they were good drivers and 83% were prepared to report others for their bad driving and dangerous acts. A third (32%) admitted they knew a bad driver within their friend or family circle.

Greg Wilson, CEO and car insurance expert at said: “Penalty points are intended to stop motorists from driving dangerously, the more serious the motoring offence, the more points a driver will get – with some of the most serious and also the most common offences being speeding, driving under the influence and using a mobile phone while driving.

“It only takes a moment to get distracted or lose concentration but that can’t happen behind the wheel, drivers need to be mindful of the dangers and wary of all other road users.

“In a recent Quotezone survey, we asked over 1000 people if they’d report other road users for dangerous driving, 83% said they would and 83% also said they had actually witnessed a dangerous act. We also asked if they would consider any of their friends or family as bad drivers, with a third saying yes, they would.

“Quotezone data then showed Yorkshire as the region with the most dangerous drivers, with 7.8% of drivers with penalty points.

“Every conviction including a penalty point is also likely to increase car insurance premiums by 5% for three points and 25% for six points – our survey showed 47% had their premium price affected by penalty points.”

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