Propertymark urges Labour to address its concerns over improving the private rented sector

Propertymark urges Labour to address its concerns over improving the private rented sector

Propertymark has called for further clarification and disclosure from the Labour Party on how they intend to address concerns over improving the private rented sector, should they win the upcoming general election.

Many of Labour’s aims include a 2030 deadline for private landlords to ensure their properties are energy efficient, ending Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, extending Awaab’s Law so that private renters can be shielded from damp, cold, and mould, to end ‘bidding wars’ between landlords, allow tenants to question rent increases, and to build 1.5 million more homes.

The private rented sector has become a key campaign focus for political parties, with the Conservatives pledging to reintroduce the Renters Reform Bill should they successfully be re-elected.

In its report called Energy efficiency in UK property: Where to go from here? from August 2023, the overwhelming majority of Propertymark’s members called for support for landlords to cover the costs of retrofit enhancements, as well as loans and grants to pay for energy efficiency upgrades. Propertymark is ready to fully engage with the Labour Party should they gain power next month.

Regarding abolishing Section 21, Propertymark stated in December 2023 as part of its response to the House of Commons Justice Committee’s Inquiry into the work of the county courts, that court improvements must be implemented before abolishing Section 21. The Committee also agreed with Propertymark that the UK Government must consider additional mandatory grounds for possession via a Section 8 notice, which includes if a tenant is persistently late in paying rent.

Tim Thomas, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Propertymark, said:

“Propertymark will work with the next government to improve the private rented sector for landlords, agents, and tenants, and we share any ambition to improve standards over the next parliamentary term.

“However, while on the one hand, the private rented sector should contribute towards decarbonisation, the sector needs clear clarity on what financial and practical support will be provided to landlords at the first opportunity.”

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